America’s Happiest Woman

happiest woman in the world

How does she do it?


OMG I can’t handle another goal-setting exercise this time of year!

I prefer to believe that I am perfect just the way I am :)

(And I believe that you are, too!)

Instead of New Year’s resolutions or making plans to get what you want, why not just decide today to be happy now?

On my latest vacation an edition of USA Today was dropped off at my hotel room, and the featured article on “Is This America’s Happiest Woman?” caught my eye.

Normally, I don’t read the paper or the news…

But if you could learn who the happiest woman is in our great land is — and more importantly, WHY she is — wouldn’t you want to know?

Heck, I figured it was Oprah or maybe Michelle Obama.  But I had to find out for myself!

Curiosity got the best of me!

And I was wrong.  Turns out, it’s Mary Claire Orenic.


Allow me to introduce you to Mary, who was found by a well-being improvement firm that partnered with Gallup to compile the characteristics of happy women living in America.

She doesn’t have her name in lights, nor is she bombarded by paparazzi wherever she goes.

You haven’t seen her on TV, and you’ve never read a book by her.

In fact, she’s a lot more attainable than you may think!

(And if you’re building a home-based business, you’re off to a great start…)

Mary is a 50-year-old, happily married mother of one teenage son.  She has a four-year college degree plus graduate MBA, and telecommutes full-time as a mentor-manager for a healthcare company.  She and her husband bring in a healthy six-figure income annually.  She exercises almost everyday by walking or riding the elliptical machine.  She lives in a 2000 square foot home on the beach in California.  She is close with family and has about 10 solid friends she can count on.

And there you have it.  But what is so special about this combination?

While Mary is just one person of the massive demographic highlighted by this article, she represents the picture of well-being that is shared by happy women in America.

My interpretation is that to be happy, it helps to have a job that gives you a sense of accomplishment and contribution.

And like Mary, in our line of work as networkers we are helping others by teaching and coaching them to build an income, change their lives, and in turn help others themselves.

Mary makes a good income, and how settling is it to know you have stable income coming in each month? 

In network marketing we take responsibility for determining our income.  It is entirely up to YOU; not a manager or boss.

Mary has a son that is relatively independent, and also has healthy parents, so this offers her more time for herself and freedom from being a major caregiver.

Mary is certainly more active than most Americans, but she’s not a gym rat.  And I believe just moving your body, even if it’s a short stroll, clears your head, makes your heart beat so you can feel it in your chest, and gives you an overall sense of well-being.

So many of us are lucky enough to be affiliated with health, nutrition, and wellness companies where activity is emphasized, and making fitness a priority is encouraged.

And who can underestimate girlfriends?  Even a compassionate husband with a listening ear is no substitute for venting with a friend and helping each other sort out our lives.

While I’m nowhere near the almost-empty-nester stage that Mary is enjoying (my little girl is taking her morning nap right now, if that tells you anything!) I am grateful for the qualities that America’s Happiest Woman and I share:

  1. Meaningful work
  2. No commute!
  3. Wonderful husband whom I adore
  4. One kiddo (although most of the happiest woman have two)
  5. Healthy parents
  6. Excellent physical and emotional health
  7. Great friends
  8. Substantial income

So as we all begin 2012 together, I encourage you to take a moment and be grateful for what makes YOU happy!

I invite you to list below in the comments section what things in your life put a smile on your face and cause you to give thanks now.

And as you go pursue your goals and dreams this year, let’s remember not to postpone happiness for when everything is achieved

You ROCK!  Thanks for commenting, and for Tweeting this to your network.


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21 Responses to “America’s Happiest Woman”

  1. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    I love this!

    I am also officially one of the happiest women in America according to this … whoot!

    It’s interesting that so many of the things on this list is the stuff we sort of take for granted.

    Thanks for the uplift and affirmation, mama Melissa.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates´s last [type] ..Sell What You USE!


  2. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Woohoo! Great post Melissa! Yup, that was the reason I decided to “work at home”. I loved being home for my son and also to have the freedom of working when I wanted and how I wanted. And learning to BEcome an entrepreneur who is in charge of what you earn is so valuable!

    And in today’s age…totally no commute! We now have the world at our fingertips! Wow! Absolutely blessed to be here during these wonderful times!

    Congratulations on all of your success Melissa! Woohoo!

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka´s last [type] ..Every Winner Was Once A Beginner


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      thank YOU kellie, and thanks for sharing your “WHY”. you are an incredible role model for work at home mommies everywhere. i’m so lucky to have your story and friendship, too!


  3. Gracie Says:

    I love this post…I like reading on it..
    Gracie´s last [type] ..PPI Claims


  4. Beverly Says:

    I loved being home for my son and also to have the freedom of working when I wanted and how I wanted. And learning to BEcome an entrepreneur who is in charge of what you earn is so valuable!Great post..
    Beverly´s last [type] ..Getting Pregnant Faster


  5. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    Great post Melissa! I loved the story line in it… For me this list represents happiness as well… Here’s mine

    ~ Happily Married to an awesome guy
    ~ Blessed with 2 healthy and luminous kiddos
    ~ Help others with health wealth and happiness
    ~ Surrounding myself with tons of balcony girlfriends online

    I have to be honest and say that I wish I would take more time to visit real life girlfriends…I don’t have many here in CT… but I have some… Congrats on you success Melissa and all the best for 2012!

    P.S. Hey come and post in Women of facebook Syndicate! You have such great content… come and share with more awesome women!

    Huggs! ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve´s last [type] ..What Do I Want?


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      ok natalie i’ll do it! thanks for the reminder :) i’m going there now!
      thanks for your thoughtful comment, and for recognizing all the beauty and perfection in your life and being grateful for it!
      i’m so happy to have you as a balcony friend!


  6. Pettina07 Says:

    Very well said, Being happy is the key to success.
    Pettina07´s last [type] ..Courchevel


  7. Cynthia Says:

    I am happiest when i’m with my husband and children. I love the nights we have debates or play games. if my folks and brother family it becomes a party these are the memories that last forever..
    Cynthia´s last [type] ..Hot Tub Services


  8. Miriam Buhr Says:

    What a lovely post Melissa!

    Being grateful is so good for the heart and overall health it’s interesting how some people miss getting into that habit.

    Mary sure sounds like a wonderful lady… full of SPIRIT.

    Obviously like minds think alike and you happen to find her story and what a story… it makes you dream that you too can attain that feeling!!

    I’m grateful to be surrounded by gifted women who see more to life and want to offer that same experience and feeling to others…

    Such a great feeling! Melissa thank you for being in my circle of girlfriends:)

    Much love and blessings,
    Miriam Buhr´s last [type] ..Just Starting Out? Learn How To Command Authority Like The Pros


  9. Patriaic39 Says:

    I can consider myself one of the happiest woman on earth! Why? I am contended with my life, I am not asking for more and I have a happy and loving family around me. Thanks for sharing this very inspiring post.
    Patriaic39´s last [type] ..movers Danville


  10. Brown90 Says:

    I am a woman who takes every minute into worthy activities but I never forget to participate my self in such activities that can provides a kind of happiness, Because for me smiling is a refreshing condition that who make me glow.
    Brown90´s last [type] ..Why Cant I Get Pregnant


  11. Sharon Says:


    I’m from the UK. I guess I don’t qualify to be the happiest woman in America, but those things are true here too.
    It’s hard sometimes to appreciate what you’ve got. I’ll make an effort now to count my blessings more often.
    Sharon´s last [type] ..Should You Buy Vivexin?


  12. Angel Josef Says:

    I wish your peaceful life. also congratulations!Thanks for your inspirational topic.
    Angel Josef´s last [type] ..celebstaped


  13. Ramiro Alvin Says:

    I think, every woman want to be a happiest woman. But is it very easy? I think not. Every body can bring up dreams but for to implement that they have need to exercise with very attention. Also i want but……
    Ramiro Alvin´s last [type]


  14. Ashley Thomas Says:

    I had never heard of Mary Claire Orenic before, but her story is so inspiring though. People who are in online business can borrow a leaf from her.
    Ashley Thomas´s last [type] ..


  15. Diane Says:

    I guess I am a happy woman, too! I enjoy every waking day of my life and I am in good terms with each member of my family. Great post! I enjoyed reading it.
    Diane´s last [type] ..Motor Vehicle Accidents


  16. Jaylon ben Says:

    I think, you’re lucky and also i wish your bright future with more happiness. Thanks for your excellent inspiring post.
    Jaylon ben´s last [type] ..


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