Don’t Move To My Neighborhood

June 29, 2010

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I hella love Oakland.

My hometown has got great weather, tons of fun stuff to do, and tremendous flava!

But if you don’t think my ‘hood is where it’s at, I’m not going to spend all day convincing you otherwise.

This is exactly the attitude I have about recruiting: if a prospect has MLM tagged as a “pyramid scheme” then I can’t wait to get off the phone with him.

I don’t waste my time getting into a conversation about the actual definition of a pyramid scheme, and how MLM is not like that.

I don’t plead with him to ponder how corporate America may in fact be the biggest pyramid scheme there is!

I don’t convince him that network marketing is the best opportunity for the average person to achieve incredible wealth.

I simply say, “You’ve made a great decision.”

Here’s why you may want to adopt this same philosophy…

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Please share how you handle these tough naysayers, or what YOU do to “get over it!”

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My Neighborhood Lake Merritt

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37 Responses to “Don’t Move To My Neighborhood”

  1. Debby Beachy Says:

    What a beautiful lake…I grew up on a lake as a kid! (-:

    You have to stay away from the “naysayers” and move on just like
    you said. You will never be able to change the way they think as
    they mostly live in a negative world by their choice anyway.



  2. Val Wilcox Says:

    People with negativity are not people I stick around. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I smile and walk away. If the negative energy tries to stay, I laugh and let lose of those tight feelings.

    Life’s too shart to spend in turmoil. I say, have fun!
    Val ;)
    Val Wilcox´s last [type] ..The Key – Your Burning Desire…


  3. Tommy DiPietro | MLM Prospecting Hero Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Great positive message.

    I noticed you are on the TSA, just joined
    and thought it would be pretty cool to start
    check out some of the blogs and network.

    I would recommend that they read How To
    Win Friends and Influence People by
    Dale Carnegie. This will help those
    negative people look at things on
    the positive side.

    Have a great day!
    Tommy D.
    MLM Prospecting Hero
    Tommy DiPietro | MLM Prospecting Hero´s last [type] ..How The New York Yankees Helped A Struggling Home Based Internet Business Owner Understand the 80-20 Rule


  4. Debbie Stevens Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I love the term, “Dream Stealers”! I’ve always referred to them as “Joy Suckers” – tomato, tomatoe. :) Anyway, Thanks for the swift kick and reminder that they really aren’t worth my time. I’m just sorting – so if you don’t get it, then I just move on! Have a great week!
    Debbie Stevens´s last [type] ..Courage and Confidence


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      don’t you sometimes just want to say that “look lady, i’m sorting, and obviously you don’t ‘get it’…” lol! it takes all of my discipline to say “that’s a great decision!”


  5. Clint White Says:

    I know, right. Our time is a VALUABLE asset. I would rather spend my time with people who are open to learning and earning. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking..

    Clint White ~ Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
    Clint White´s last [type] ..What is a Favicon and Why You Need One


  6. Nancy Burke Barr, JD Says:

    Hi Melissa!

    I am so happy to be here on your blog! You have a great attitude and most marketers, including myself, DO need a swift kick in the pants! LOL!

    I have always been told, “Some will. Some won’t. So what?”

    Now if I could really embrace that, my business would probably sky rocket. It takes a while to learn that these people are not rejecting “US”. It is not personal. They have ideas, attitudes and baggage that we know nothing about and that have nothing to do with me! But isn’t it always about me????? LOL!

    So, not personal and as you said, these people are always trouble if they do join! Thanks for the reminder, Melissa!

    Mentor Mama


  7. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    Dream stealers – they come in all disguises, but whether they are friends, family members or strangers, I totally agree with you – they are just not worth your time.

    And I just LOVE your description of them being “the ones with all the answers and no money” ~ ROFL so true!
    Jacqueline Gates´s last [type] ..The Power of Focus


  8. Nelson Says:

    Door Knobs. Door Knobs. That is the essence of selling. I learned this over 60 years ago with my first newspaper route. The paper had a contest for the newspaper boys to win a trip to Washington DC for the most new subscriptions in a three month period. I was a winner along with 9 other young delivery boys. Door Knobs. Knock of enough Doors and the Law of Numbers will become a reality. One in ten cold calls will respond positively. It’s all about Door Knobs.
    Nelson´s last [type] ..“The Latchkey Kid”


  9. Mark Hiatt Says:

    Hello Melissa – I’m a fan of analogies and that’s a good one. I would not personally start an MLM business but I would NEVER try to discourage someone else from pursuing their dreams. That just doesn’t make sense. I’m glad for your perspective and look forward to hearing more from you in this blog.
    Mark Hiatt´s last [type] ..Networking Lessons From a Cockroach


  10. Nicole Rushin Says:

    Great post! At this point in my MLM journey I would just give them the hand and say ‘Girl you have got to be so right cause I sure don’t want that in my down-line. I am so glad I asked!’ Thanks so much for sharing this. I really love attraction marketing, it has given me attitude. Maybe too much Attraction Marketing cool-aid for me.
    Nicole Rushin´s last [type] ..Is Your On-Line Business Weed Free -amp Retail Ready


  11. Kylie Doak Says:

    Hi Melissa

    You’ve raised an excellent point in this post!

    There are some people who, regardless of what information you provide them with, have already made up their mind against joining an MLM business and guess what? That’s fine with me.

    It’s their decision and I don’t want people joining my team who aren’t going to do anything or are likely to infect everyone else with negativity.

    I’m actually still amazed (although I shouldn’t be) at how many people think network marketing is a pyramid scheme, and yet, when I ask them what they think a pyramid scheme is, the majority of them can’t even give me an answer!

    If I have to work too hard to convince someone to join my business, then the business isn’t right for them, and they aren’t right for the business.

    It reminds me of that saying/quote:

    “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”.

    ~ Kylie ~
    Kylie Doak´s last [type] ..A Blast From The Past


  12. Lisa Saline Says:

    I love this! I just had a conversation with some of my own family members who told me to stop hanging with the wealthy and just live a normal life. That’s the last thing I want to do is live a “normal life”. It’s more challenging to push aside the negative naysayers when they are in your family but one must hold on tight to their dreams and keep planting those seeds. Once the harvest comes in then the naysayers will want to eat from the same crop. Keep smiling and keep on blessing others.
    Lisa Saline´s last [type] ..Google Offers Business Photo Shoots for Local Business Owners


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      yes, we’ve all had those conversations with the people that care about us the most. sadly, people don’t want to hear you are pursuing your goals and dreams; it forces them to recognize that they have given up on their own.


  13. Lesly Says:

    I love visiting you! Ba hum bug those negative naysayers…. I ignore them. They are the people who have nothing going on in their own lives and put others down instead. I had a couple of friends like that and we parted ways . Sometimes you have to do that as well…. I’m sticking with you!
    Lesly´s last [type] ..Are You Leaving Your Body Behind


  14. Dr. Erica Goodstone Says:

    That video was great. A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation to a local mental health counselors group about giving teleseminars. They were all naysayers, asking – “How much time are you spending on this, how much money have you spent, and how much money have you made, and I don’t want to give away free gifts,” etc., etc. And do you want to know what I thought, “Great. Less competition for me.” I didn’t even bother to justify it or explain it.
    Dr. Erica Goodstone´s last [type] ..Boundaries of Love


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      people are so funny. as they say, you can lead a horse to water…
      you did a great service by just sharing the info; in another year they will realize how innovative you are! =)


  15. Teresa Ivory Says:

    I love your analogy! And you’re right – who wants someone in your business, MLM or other, who doesn’t want to be there!
    Teresa Ivory´s last [type] ..Do You Work For Free


  16. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    Unfortunately you can tell networkers this until they’re blue in the face – but developing posture such as this is a slow road for many. Posture takes time, focus and careful attention to mindset. For many networkers, yours truly included, it also takes a lot of books, tapes, seminars etc to get my head in the right spot that it can speak “louder” than the fear running through my veins of not sponsoring enough to get by. It is however this kind of posture that is pure gold, money in the bank. I bet you’ve had more than one incident of prospects you’ve let off the phone, only to have them call you or contact you later because they remembered your demeanor. Well said girlfriend!
    Kimberly Castleberry´s last [type] ..WordPress SEO – The Why -amp How of the Robotstxt File


    • Melissa McCloud Says:

      i grew into that posture after much personal development too. thank you for that addendum kimberly–i certainly did my share of begging and pleading while prospecting until i grew into my leadership hat ;)


  17. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Wow Melissa, incredible video! You are awesome! I actually turn people down if I hear any kind of skepticism or negativity. Everyone is looking for a home based business today, and unemployment is going up everyday, therefore, each day people will have no choice but to become self-employed. I feel so blessed to have made that decision over 15 years ago!

    Thank you so much Melissa! You are a great example!

    Kellie :)
    Kellie Hosaka´s last [type] ..Finding Your Purpose In Life – Ambition to Meaning


  18. Kay Wilson Says:

    When I meet ppl negative to Network mktg, I simply shake it off, like sand from my sandals.


  19. Sally Thompson Says:

    I looks like you are happy with your town now..
    Sally Thompson´s last [type] ..pennzoil oil change coupons


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